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We provide quality air-conditioning services, installation, repair and maintenance at a very reasonable rate with our professional and experienced Technician. 

Taking care of your air-conditioner is a saving.

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Affordable Aircon Servicing in Singapore

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Recommended every 3 to 4 months
Recommended once or twice a year
Recommended once or twice a year
Recommended once a year
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Basic Cleaning

Suitable for a well-maintained air-conditioner. 

Recommended every 3 to 4 months. 

Chemical Wash + Steam Cleaning + Disinfectant Spray

Suitable for air-conditioner that is leaking or having foul smell. It can also kill the bacteria accumulated on the coil. 

Recommended once or twice a year.

Chemical Overhaul

For air-conditioners that has not been cleaned for more than a year and/or  leaking. It is a thorough chemical washing that removes the dirt stuck on the blower and coil.  

Recommended once a year

Chemical Wash

For air-conditioner that is quite new and overhaul is not an option. It will remove stubborn dirt or gunk stuck on the blower and evaporator coil that cant be removed by normal cleaning or basic servicing.

Recommended once or twice a year (depending on the usage).


Available in all brands. We offer installation plan package. 

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Clients Testimonial

Amazing aircon service, very fast response and able to help me to booked the schedule on the spot. The Technicians are very professional and friendly. He knows his work so well.. This aircon service is highly recommended and I'm surely contact them again in the future. Thank you so much
My first time with Ultimate Cool and I am very happy with the results! Compared with so many others and decided to give them a try. They shall be my first choice from now on! I just done my Chemical Wash + Steam Cleaning + Disinfectant Spray with them, plus condenser chemical wash. Done very professionally. Highly recommended!
Highly recommended. Definitely a 5-star service provider. Friendly and nice technician. Admin is very friendly and replies fast. Definitely will go for the next services to come. Not to mention the cheaper price compared to the others. Thanks for the good service,